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Industrial Mats UK

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Rubber Sheet

If you are looking for durable and secure flooring solution, try our rubber sheets which are available according to your size requirements. This range of rubber flooring sheets is made from heavy duty rubber under extremely high pressure which makes them suitable for high traffic areas. This rubber sheet range is anti-slip, noise reducing, anti-fatigue and highly durable. Use them for both indoors and outdoors with equal efficiency.

  • Rubber Matting Roll

    Rubber Matting Roll

    Our rubber matting rolls are well known for outstanding durability and are ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor usage. Our rubber matting rolls range is manufactured according to the international quality standards from heavy duty rubber which gives it an extra comfort and non-slip qualities. This flooring solution is available in form of rolls which you can order according to your requirements.

  • Rubber Grass Mats

    Rubber Grass Mats

    Rubber grass mats are specifically designed by keeping in view the playground needs.  These grass mats are manufactured from heavy duty rubber which possesses anti-slip qualities providing prevention against slips and injuries even if the ground is wet and muddy. The holes in these rubber grass mats allow the grass to grow through it and easy water drainage.

  • Gym Mats

    Gym Mats

    Gym environment needs to be comfortable and secure. Our exclusive range of gym mats for your gym flooring fulfills these conditions. These mats are designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection while you do your gym exercises. These gym mats also add a modish and elegant look to your place.

  • Wet Area Matting

    Wet Area Matting

    Wet areas especially pool sides and entrance of washrooms should be non slip. Our wet area matting range is designed for this specific purpose. This durable range of anti-slip matting is manufactured from heavy duty regenerated rubber under high pressure. The drainage holes in this wet area matting allow easy water drainage giving a completely dry place minimizing the chances of tripping and slipping.

  • Van Matting

    Van Matting

    You van floor needs extra care and protection from damages and dents. Our van matting range is exclusively designed by keeping in view the requirements of your van flooring. This exquisite rubber van matting gives a perfect protection against slips and falls keeping the things at their place. It prevents dents or damage caused by the fall of anything heavy on your van floor.

  • Playground Safety Mats

    Playground Safety Mats

    It is essential to ensure the safety and protective environment of the play area. Our playground safety mats range caters this purpose. This exclusively manufactured and designed matting range is heavy duty, durable and elegant. These playground safety mats are completely non-slip and have interlocking system which allows easy installation and fixing.

  • Outdoor Matting

    Outdoor Matting

    Outdoor matting needs to be durable, heavy duty and slip resistant. Our outdoor matting range perfectly meets these requirements. It is manufactured from heavy duty rubber under high pressure therefore it is an ideal choice for high traffic areas. Due to its anti-slip qualities, outdoor matting range works as a shield against slips and falls.

  • Industrial Mats

    Industrial Mats

    Industry areas are much more vulnerable to slips and injuries due to chemical, grease and oil spills. Our industrial mats range is manufactured using heavy duty recycled rubber which gives guaranteed prevention against slips and falls. These industrial mats also protect your floor from any kind of damage, keeping is clean and intact.

  • Restaurants Rubber Mats

    Restaurants Rubber Mats

    Restaurant flooring should be neat clean and well kept. For this purpose our restaurant rubber mats are a perfect fit. These mats are manufactured using superior quality recycled rubber which gives it non-slip qualities and extra durability. You can use restaurant rubber mats at the entrance of your restaurants to prevent dirt and mud from entering your place, giving it a neat and clean ambiance.

  • Horse Mats

    Horse Mats

    Stable flooring should be comfortable and easy to maintain. Our horse mats are exclusively designed for horse stables giving a comfortable, durable, safe, and easy to maintain flooring solution. These anti slip mats are easy to clean and maintain. These horse mats are slip resistant and are heavy duty.

  • Anti Fatigue Mats

    Anti Fatigue Mats

    What can be better than a soothing and comforting flooring which gives comfort to feel while walking. Our anti- fatigue mats gives a cushion like feel while you step your feet on them. These anti – fatigue mats are anti-slip, durable and of finest quality giving you an ultimate feel of relaxation.

  • Workshop Mats

    Workshop Mats

    Workshops need comfortable and clutter free flooring. Our range of workshop mats is exquisitely crafted and tailored for perfection and creating clean ambiance. These workshop mats provide excellent protection against oil and grease spills hence preventing slips and injuries. These mats possess anti-fatigue and noise reduction qualities for providing ultimate comfort.

  • Non Slip Rubber for Decking

    Non Slip Rubber for Decking

    We offer our clients a broad array of non-slip rubber for decking from which they can choose according to their specifications. This rubber matting range is manufactured using superlative quality of regenerated rubber which gives it unmatchable slip resistant capabilities and durability. The drainage holes in this non-slip rubber for decking range, gives complete water drainage keeping your deck dry and water free.

  • Pool Mats

    Pool Mats

    Keep your pool side slip free and water free with our pool mats range. These mats are completely slip resistant and are an ideal choice for the wet areas and pool sides. The drainage holes in pool mats allow the water to drain easily, making your pool side dry and non-slip. These mats are highly durable and work best at the high traffic wet areas.

  • Industrial Safety Mats

    Industrial Safety Mats

    The safety and security of the employees is top priority in industries. Therefore, our industrial safety mats range is a perfect choice for your industries. This heavy duty industrial flooring possess slip- resistant and stain resistant qualities. Industrial safety mats prevents falls and injuries and protects your floors from oil , chemicals and grease.

  • Logo Mats

    Logo Mats

    Get exclusive logo mats for the entrance of your office with your company’s logo or get entrance mats with your kid’s favorite cartoon character for your kid’s room. These mats are uniquely designed and can be customized to meet your specifications. Our logo mats are non-slip, durable and adds color to your entrance, creating a welcoming ambiance.

  • Gymnastic Mats

    Gymnastic Mats

    Our range of gymnastic mats is creatively and innovatively crafted for outstanding comfort and protection against slips and injuries. These mats are padded and cushioned with foam with double layering and are extremely light weight. You can easily fix and install gymnastic mats to make your gym place totally secure and slip free.

  • Ground Reinforcement Mesh

    Ground Reinforcement Mesh

    Football grounds and playgrounds should ensure protection against slips and injuries. Our ground reinforcement mesh range gives you a wholesome protection and security from slips and falls. These uniquely designed ground reinforcement mesh possess holes which allows the grass to grow through it, giving it a perfect ground fix. These drainage holes also allow easy water drainage and clean play.

  • Non Slip Mat

    Non Slip Mat

    Our non-slip mats are manufactured for ultra high quality rubber with drainage holes which allows the free removal of water. This makes your place completely water free. This non slip mats range is also available in form of matting and flooring rolls which enable you to create a non-slip and comfortable environment which will be easy to clean and maintain.

  • Stable Mats

    Stable Mats

    Keep your horse stables neat, clean and slip resistant with our exclusive range of stable mats. These heavy duty, durable mats are manufactured under high pressure from recycled rubber. These stable mats can be easily installed and allows easy cleaning and maintenance. These mats provide prevention from slip and injuries to your horses.

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