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Industrial Mats UK

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  • Industrial Mats

    Industrial Mats

    Looking for safe, secure and stylish matting solutions for commercial and industrial use? Make use of our finest quality of industrial mats to create a secure environment along with the desired ambiance. These non-slip heavy duty industrial mats give comprehensive protection against any floor damaging and slips or injuries. Use them with confidence!

  • Rubber Matting

    Rubber Matting

    Rubber matting is an ultimate choice for the flooring which needs security and safety along with adding style to your place. Our extra heavy duty rubber matting range is exclusively designed for creating excellent non-slip environment, giving a perfect blend of security, comfort and style. We recommend our rubber matting range for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Rubber Flooring

    Rubber Flooring

    Our company is an exquisite rubber flooring company that combines skill with quality and perfection. Our rubber flooring range is manufactured from heavy duty regenerated rubber which gives an extra durability and slip resistant qualities to our rubber mats and flooring range. We offer a broad array of design and size options for both your indoor and outdoor commercial flooring needs.

  • Rubber Sheet

    Rubber Sheet

    If you are looking for durable and secure flooring solution, try our rubber sheets which are available according to your size requirements. This range of rubber flooring sheets is made from heavy duty rubber under extremely high pressure which makes them suitable for high traffic areas. This rubber sheet range is anti-slip, noise reducing, anti-fatigue and highly durable. Use them for both indoors and outdoors with equal efficiency.

  • Industrial Floor Tiles

    Industrial Floor Tiles

    Industrial Floor Tiles are meant for creating rubber flooring which is long lasting, easy to install, maintain and clean. These tiles come with an interlocking system which allows you to fix it without any problem. These heavy duty rubber tiles possess anti-fatigue, noise reducing and anti-slip qualities. Make use of these rubber tiles for creating comfortable and secure atmosphere.

  • Rubber Flooring Rolls

    Rubber Flooring Rolls

    if you need a completely reliable, durable and outstanding flooring solution for your floors choose our rubber flooring rolls range. These rolls are manufactured using finest quality of recycled rubber which gives them anti-slip qualities and ideal for use at high traffic areas. You can order them according to your own flooring requirements.

  • Industrial Safety Mats

    Industrial Safety Mats

    Our range of industrial safety mats are an excellent and outstanding option for the industrial use. These heavy duty and highly durable rubber mats are designed and manufactured by keeping in view the industrial requirements. These industrial safety mats prevent  grease, oil and chemicals from damaging your floor along with providing protection against slips and injuries.

  • Anti Fatigue Mats

    Anti Fatigue Mats

    What can be better than a soothing and comforting flooring which gives comfort to feel while walking. Our anti- fatigue mats gives a cushion like feel while you step your feet on them. These anti – fatigue mats are anti-slip, durable and of finest quality giving you an ultimate feel of relaxation.


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